Showcase - Printed Scripts at High Plains MiniCon (2019)

Showcase - Printed Scripts at High Plains MiniCon (2019)

In 2019, A Stage Reborn took a significant step in its journey of innovation and creativity by debuting professionally printed and bound scripts. First introduced at High Plains MiniCon, this initiative not only marked a new chapter in our fundraising efforts but also showcased our commitment to preserving and sharing the art of theatre.

A Debut at High Plains MiniCon

The unveiling of our printed scripts at High Plains MiniCon in 2019 was a moment of pride and excitement. These professionally crafted scripts were more than just printed materials; they were tangible representations of the hard work, dedication, and passion that go into every A Stage Reborn production. The event provided the perfect platform to introduce these scripts to the public, allowing us to connect with the community and share our love for theatre and storytelling.

More Than Just a Fundraiser

While the primary goal of selling these scripts was to raise funds for our organization, the initiative quickly evolved into something much more meaningful. It became a way to spread awareness of our work, to celebrate the art of scriptwriting, and to provide a keepsake for those who appreciate the magic of theatre. The success at High Plains MiniCon was not just in sales numbers but in the conversations sparked and the interest generated in our work.

Ongoing Demand and Impact

The popularity of our printed scripts has continued beyond the event, with ongoing requests from individuals who wish to own a piece of A Stage Reborn's history. These scripts have become cherished items for many, serving as a source of inspiration, education, and enjoyment.

The Future of Our Printed Scripts

Encouraged by the success and the continued interest in our printed scripts, we are exploring ways to make these unique items more widely available. Whether for use in educational settings, as collectibles for theatre enthusiasts, or as a means to support our ongoing projects, these scripts represent a key part of our mission to make the arts accessible and engaging.