Showcase - The Story of Maria and Draco (2018)

Showcase - The Story of Maria and Draco (2018)

This video is intended to be a noncommercial showcase and raise awareness of our organization's activities and the applicability of literary, artistic and educational opportunity in the arts through transformative use of digital media in alignment with our charitable mission as a 501c3 nonprofit.

Now remastered with live cinematic footage, A Stage Reborn proudly presents "The Story of Maria & Draco" - a live MMORPG theatrical production based on the Final Fantasy VI opera scenes, re-makes and derivatives. A Stage Reborn is a nonprofit organization that utilizes video games in making the arts and arts experiences more accessible. For more information, visit! Be sure to like, subscribe and share if you enjoy what we do!

Maria/Assistant Director - Zaynava Everrest
Draco/Tech. Director - Tsudin Everrest
Setzer/Ralse - Levi Talstag
Written & Directed by - Wanderer Sabaku

Governess / Maria Undersudy - Nanamo Ul-namo
East Capt. / Ralse & Setzer Understudy - Xitra Lunrise
West Capt. / King / Draco Understudy - Daniel Ruta

The West - Dino Dexee, Ruruyo Ruyo, Shift Solari
The East - Kara Valian, Greigh Asagiri, Pandora Bles

Stage Manager - Noctis Nygma
Ushers - Rebeca Watts, Joe Sweeney

Twitch Camera - Jen Sample
YouTube Camera - p2hang, Rix Yuaz
Cinematic Filming and Editing - Denmo Mcstronghuge

Our inspirations include parts from the re-make, Jillian Aversa's cover of the aria, and the FFVI OCRemix music.

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